January 2017 Newsletter

Wow, so much for January being a slow and depressing month. It seems to have whizzed by.  As usual I got the winter cold that everyone got – I even got it twice once at the start and again at the end of the month, but overall it was a decent month.

My News:

 All my books are now in paperback. Yes that means Pewtory the Lesser Bard and the Cadaver Knight (both books in the “A Frindoth Tale” series) can now be purchased on Amazon.

I am a huge fan of Kindles and read 95% of my books on them but there is still something immensely satisfying about seeing the physical copies of your books on your shelf.

Incidentally, I formatted my other books myself. It took me many hours and sometimes a lot of frustration. It was the main reason why I had not got round to publishing Pewtory and the Cadaver Knight. However, I discovered Fiverr.com and had both books formatted perfectly for £3.98 in 45 minutes. To say I was ecstatic with this discovery is an understatement.

Words written:

11,878. I had to double check this as it seemed far too low for me. I had a few days where I didn’t write at the start as I was still in festive mode and I also didn’t write on the weekends but in my head I had a good month writing solidly for days at a time. Yes, the colds set me back and I hit only 800 words a day rather than the usual 1,000 but I didn’t think it would make that much difference. It turns out it does.

The more I think about it though the more I am not too disappointed with myself. We are expecting the birth of our third child in February and as a result I have been doing some of the school runs. This is the time I would normally write so it is no surprise to see my output has been affected.

Best book I read:

Product DetailsThe Godfather – Mario Puzo. Continuing my theme of reading a classic that I have never read I decided to give the Godfather a go. Confession time – I enjoyed the film but never loved it and never got the hype surrounding it. This book has changed my mind and made me want to watch it again.  It is so well written and told in such an easy way. The characters don’t evolve too much but it does not seem to matter as the story is just compelling.

Honourable mention to the Burning Land – Bernard Cornwell which I thought was the best entry in the Saxon series so far.


Best film or TV show:

There were two contenders this month. I have opted for the OA as the other one I have not finished yet and will probably talk about next month. The OA took me completely by surprise. I had no idea what it was about and after watching the first 50 minutes of the pilot thought it was going to be a standard TV show. Boy was I wrong. This show sucked me in with its uniqueness and its standout performances. I thoroughly recommend.

Best day:

I am going for the corny day. I don’t normally do corny but this one moment got me. I normally write in a coffee shop or first thing in the morning before the family wakes. In the middle of January I found myself writing when the kids were playing downstairs. Joseph my eldest at 7 years old came up to see what I was doing. He looked over my shoulder and began reading. Normally this would have irritated me but I was nearing the end of the chapter. Joe sat unobtrusively and just read, as I neared the end of the chapter I heard him mutter, “that’s really good Dad,” (I know it is a 7 year old biased opinion but still). I asked him if he knew how the chapter was going to end. Joe said, “Yeah, x is going to get caught by y and fight.” I didn’t say anything and just wrote the last paragraph. Joseph read it and gasped and was full of it.

Since then he has bugged me to write so he can watch and also write his own story. Corny – yes. Do I care? – No.

Joke of the month:

A family took their frail, elderly mother to a nursing home and left her, hoping she would be well cared for. The next morning, the nurses bathed her, fed her a tasty breakfast, and set her in a chair at a window overlooking a lovely flower garden.
She seemed okay, but after a while she slowly started to tilt sideways in her chair. Two attentive nurses immediately rushed up to catch her and straighten her up.
Again she seemed okay, but after a while she slowly started to tilt over to her other side. The nurses rushed back and once more brought her back upright. This went on all morning. Later, the family arrived to see how the old woman was adjusting to her new home.
“So Ma, how is it here? Are they treating you all right?”
“It’s pretty nice,” she replied. “Except they won’t let me fart.”

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