Work in Progress

This is the place where you can keep up to date on the books I am currently working on.

Within Stone’s Shadow – Due: December 2016

The events at the Ritual of the Stones have cast a long shadow, which now engulfs the whole of the land of Frindoth.

Whilst attempting to quell the rebellion in the West, Prince Althalos learns his enemies have multiplied. The capital city of Lilyon has been sacked and former allies battle for supremacy, but Althalos’ weary army is now decimated with disease and, though desperate to return to fight for his home, the Prince begins to show symptoms of the dreaded infection himself. Meanwhile, the once noble and respected King Jacquard wanders Frindoth alone but still eager to reclaim his throne. However with every step his descent into madness and paranoia continues.

For both men, home seems further away than ever.

Elsewhere, the reluctant knight Cody Ramsay is at the Stones of Sorrow along with Marybeth and others charged with Frindoth’s greatest mission. The portal to the Realm of the Glooms remains open and with each day more and more of the despicable creatures invade the realms of mortal men. If this small group does not succeed on closing the portal, there will not be a Kingdom for either Jacquard or Althalos to rule.

Against a backdrop of war, plague, treachery and madness, can this small group of heroes fight to keep their land from plunging into catastrophe?

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